Veeam Commmunity Edition and Amazon S3 Bucket

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Hi @all,
i am new by veeam. I have installed the community edition and will testing backup. Next week i have a tech demo with a veeam consult for full version. But now i will testing the free funktions, and i have added my S3 Bucket. The connections to Amazon S3 works, but when i will configure a backup job, i cannot choose the s3 Storage as backup destination. It there a limit function for this storage in the communitiy edition?

Many thanks forwards Stefan


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Hi Stefan, yes. Community Edition don’t have backup on S3 storage enabled. It’s a limit of community edition. But for try it, you can request a NFR license:

or a trial license.


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@marcofabbri is correct.


Firstly, Veeam B&R doesn’t backup natively to Object Storage (S3 or otherwise) in v11, talk on the Veeam R&D forums is that this is coming in v12 but we must wait until it’s released to know for definite.


You backup to a “performance” tier, usually local block storage, configured within a scale-out backup repository that has the S3 object storage attached to copy/move data to the object storage tier based on your policies.


This feature isn’t included in community edition however. You can see everything included and excluded in each license version here:


You’d need at least an enterprise tier license on legacy socket licensing, or using the VUL instance based license, there’s only one license tier so you’d get all features.


Hope this helps!

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you cannot backup directly to an object storage. You have to configure a scale-out repository with the object storage as capacity tier. For this you need the NFR License or a paid license (Level enterprise or higher).

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Thank you @all,

this information helps me to understand my case.