Read-Only Mondays

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Hi everybody!
I would like to share will all of you a little story,
For almost a year, we were doing this "none written" rule, and it's being adopted by the whole department:


Tired of deploying things and changing production things on Mondays, tired after the weekend, and many people coming back to the office with tons of issues, after working from home on Fridays, we took this decision so we were able to fix and take care of the "after the weekend" issues, 
not adding extra failure points to the day.

Now we are thinking of improving this rule to Mondays and Fridays!

What do you think?
Do you have any "none written" rules you would like to share?

Many thanks.


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There’s never a good time to push to deployment! But SureBackup / DataLabs can help with a lot of these things!


I wish every day could be read only sometimes 😆

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The most important is:

Don't touch backup environment on fridays. This creates problems at the weekends at most times… 😎

I don't know exacly why it is this way. Probably all are thinking about their free time activities already...

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We never modify any PROD systems including an emergency patch on Fridays and wait until at least Monday/Tuesday of the following week.  Same goes for backups!! 😂

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No modifications to systems on a Friday from mid morning afterwards. Means less chance of something breaking for the weekend. 

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interesting thought @HunterLF , we do no modifications on friday like lots of people. I'm quite skeptical to block another day, it can lead to a lack of time during the weekdays and some times is not enough to do a lot of things...

Anyway we do a kind of read only mondays morning because we do team and project meetings on monday morning.