Move Veeam 365 Azure image from one subscription to another

  • 16 March 2023
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I am having a hard time trying to migrate our Veeam365 (azure marketplace image) VM in Azure to another subscription, due to Microsofts restriction regarding move VMs with a plan attached.


My latest idea was to use Azure Recovery Service to replicate the vm, and then do a permanent failover. The ASR supports cross-over subscription so it would do the job.

When doing the failover, I get an error saying that I need to accept the terms of the image vms.

This should be done with the azure cli command: 

az vm image accept-terms --urn veeam:office365backup:veeamoffice365backup:3.0.0

have also tried with the subscription id in the paramteres, but the results is the same:

The VM image can not be found. I guess its because its an older vm-image which Veeam now doesnt offer on that azure marketplace.


So where can I go from there..?


I am starting to perhaps use Veeam for this just case but before spending more time it would be great to now if this Plan paramteres is somehow following the imagedisc in azure or would i get rid of it when using f.ex a veeam agent to backup the os? and then perhaps do a restore from the veeam agent?

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Hello @FrankIversen, have you tried the az image copy command?