Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions 2021

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@wolff.mateus asked what Brazil community thinks about latest Gartner Report for Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions. I think this is interesting globally as well!

According to Gartner, Veeam is about 1 cm (or inch, if you prefer) behind the leader in Vision :grin:


Honestly I have no deep knowledge about other competitors. So I looked at Veeam’s Strengths and Cautions. 


  • Instant recovery
    True! More and more workloads are adding to this feature. Like Database and NAS in v11.
  • Cloud cost transparency
    Yes, with Build-in cost estimation. Like for Veeam Backup for AWS 3.0
  • Technical support
    Customers are very satisfied with support. I personally too. What is not mentions is the satisfaction level of the software quality, which is also extremely high.


  • Deployment complexity
    In large-scale environments, this can happen. Veeam roles can be distributed over a lot of Windows/Linux servers which can be physical or virtual. Veeam does a good job in distributing job/tasks automatically. But these server has to be maintained as well.
  • Data reduction
    True, but this also includes a huge advantage as well! Because there is no global deduplication, files of a backup chains can be used for restore without any deduplication-DB, VBR installation or other complex tasks. 
  • Automated tiering for cloud-native backup
    This is available with ScaleOut Backup Repositories. Is it not supported for AWS and Azure VM backup?


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Great article @vNote42 , thanks for sharing this and checking in more in details Gartner MQ!:clap: Veeam is also on the top in ability to execute, which is very powerful strenght either! :muscle:

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Yes this was a great article and nice to see Veeam keep moving up and to the right. 😂

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Veeam in the leaders :clap: