Garbage Files in Veeam and Cisco UCS

I ran a report in Veeam and found out that there were several garbage files in Veeam. But, we have CISCO UCS sentinal snapshots. Do you think that what Veeam shows in Garbage files could include the Sentinel Snapshots also? As, we do not want to delete the Sentinel snapshots in UCS which might be appearing as Garbage files in Veeam. Anyone could explain more about this Garbage file and which one we should delete.


Best answer by Chris.Childerhose 17 August 2021, 14:21

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Which report did you run in Veeam?  Hard to tell what “garbage files” means without some context around it first.

If you can post a screenshot even with stuff blurred out it would help.  Also does these show up in the console as well under the Backups section in the Home tab?

We will be able to help out with a bit more info.

I ran the Garbage files report under VSphere Optimization. Here is the screenshot. Each line is the server name in VSPhere. We hvae Cisco UCS as well as the snapshots are Sentinel snapshots. Most of them have Sentinel Snapshots.


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It appears that you can remove the garbage files but you need to be careful of what you remove like you said you don't want to remove a snapshot file.  You can check more here about the report -

There are typically some files for sure to remove but since dealing with VM files being careful is key. 😀