The Cybersecurity Content at VeeamON is legit!

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Since we’ve done our last ‘full’ VeeamON, a lot has happened at Veeam. In February 2020, Veeam hired Gil Vega as Chief Information Security Officer. For this VeeamON, we’ve incorporated this group into the content experience. As the content architect for the VeeamON event; I was really happy this year to incorporate the expertise from the Veeam Cybersecurity team. These sessions are not Veeam product-focused content, but Cybersecurity best practices sessions. I proofed the content and was blown away. I highly recommend everyone interested in Cybersecurity check out this outstanding content:

Virtual Experience

Enriching Veeam's Security-First Mindset through Enterprise User-Centric Program

How does a company that is focused on Modern Data Protection further enhance their security-first mindset? They engage with their internal users and enhance those processes and solutions that help mature their cyber resiliency. Join two leaders within Veeam's®️ Global Information Security organization as they walk attendees through some of the key internal information security successes of the Veeam team and learn some key takeaways to implement at your own companies.


Courtney Elder; Vice President, Technology GRC Veeam Software

Jennifer Bean, Director, Security Awareness, Global Information Security Veeam Software

In-Person Experience

What You Need to Know to Up Your Cyber game! Part 1

Security is everyone’s responsibility and in this track we will be discussing a few areas of consideration that may help prepare your organization’s response to a cyber incident. In the discussion, we will focus on the “Preparation” phase of the incident response lifecycle, where policy, process and teams are defined to be ready to handle an incident at a moment’s notice. We will focus on areas of: risk and vendor management, roles & responsibilities and resiliency planning.


Courtney Elder, Vice President, Technology GRC Veeam Software

Bill Gemza, Vice President, Cybersecurity and Threat Management Veeam Software


What You Need to Know to Up Your Cyber game! Part 2

Continuing the theme from our first session, in this track we will continue to explore cyber preparedness, specifically we’ll be focusing on cyberthreat intelligence. We will provide a ransomware threat brief, followed by a deep dive into the inner workings of a prolific ransomware actor. In addition, you’ll learn about response considerations to help aid in the ransomware response process.


Bill Gemza Vice President, Cybersecurity and Threat Management Veeam Software

Tony James Senior Manager, Cyber Operations Veeam Software

Now the good news is that ALL of the content will be available for replay on the virtual platform about two weeks after the event concludes (May 16-19). This means that the virtual session by Courtney and Jennifer will be available on live broadcast for the virtual attendees; then the two in-persons sessions will be available on the virtual platform later on.

I was quite impressed with these presentations; and if you’re looking to bolster your Cybersecurity footprint; check it out! The virtual experience for VeeamON is free!


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Absolutely YES, it’s extremely interesting. Thanks @Rick Vanover !

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Looking forward to these sessions if I can make them.  😂

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Very interesting topics. I will integrate them in my agenda… 😎

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Great sessions! I like it.👍

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Looking forward to this sessions. Thank you for sharing with us @Rick Vanover

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Oh yes! These sessions are going to be awesome