vSnow App to integrate Veeam Backup Enterpriser Manager with ServiceNow

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:pushpin: Following the line of some of my topics, in Veeambp.com we can find a very useful unofficial tool                                                    :raised_hand:This tool is not Veeam supported

It was developed externally and is not linked with Veeam Software or ServiceNow in anyway, No support is offerred or inferred from Veeam Software on this tool.

:wrench: vSnow App is an application to integrate Veeam Backup Enterpriser Manager with ServiceNow:wrench:


vSnowApp for ServiceNow:

The application offers integration with Veeam Enterprise Manager.

vSnowApp provides following capabilities:

  • Performance Dashboard
  • Incidents Management
  • Manage Backup Jobs.
  • Failover Plans
  • Agent Jobs
  • Backup Servers Management


How vSnowApp Works:


vSnowApp function as an intermediary between Veeam Enterprise Manager and ServiceNow, after you deploy the vSnowApp, you can manage reporting and management of backup infrastructure from ServiceNow.



  • ServiceNow MID Server
  • Veeam Enterprise Manager

Supported ServiceNow Instances:

  • New York
  • Orlando
  • London
  • Madrid

How vSnowApp communicate with Veeam Enterprise Manager and ServiceNow:

  1. vSnowApp deployed on ServiceNow instance.
  2. vSnowApp communicate with Veeam Enterprise Manager via ServiceNow MID Server.
  3. vSnowApp query backup data collection and store it in ServiceNow for reporting.
  4. If you perform any action, vSnow App pass the instructions to MID Server to execute actions on  Veeam Enterprise manager via API.

Diagram Visualized the vSnow App Flow:


Before you start to use vSnowApp read the requirements:


vSnow App Requirement:




MID Server

To communication with Veeam Enterprise Manager

Veeam Enterprise Manager

To manage the Veeam Backup & Replication from vSnow App we need to have veeam Enterprise Manager.



Used Ports:





ServiceNow Instance

MID Server


MID Server

Veeam Enterprise Manager

9398 (Default Https)




To verify communication with Veeam Enterprise manager, use the following from MID Server:



The web page will response the API token.


How to Deploy vSNow App to ServiceNow Instance:


  1. To deploy application to target instance. Navigate to Retrieved Update sets from left navigation. Click it to open a list of all previously retrieved update sets.


  1. On the bottom of the list you’ll find a UI Link “Import XML”. Click it and upload the update set.
  2. You will find an update set with the name ‘Snow Veeam’. Open the update set record.
  3. Click Preview Update Set.
  4. As this is a scoped application and developed on New york instance. You may see some errors and warnings in committing update set due to instance/Plugin/Scope mismatch. There could be some mismatch in dashboard frames.


  1. To address errors in update set go to list and select all the errors.
  2. Click to accept remote update to all.


  1. Once all errors are addressed a ‘Commit update set’ button appears.
  2. Click to commit update set.

Post Update Loads


  1. Once the base update set is installed to Instance. Add below XML’s to the instance.


  1. To add XML record to instance, go to any list layout and on column label right click you mouse. You’ll find an option to import XML at last of the list.


  1. Select to upload the Desired XML.

  1. Once the xml is loaded, navigate to Snow Veeam > Application Properties.


vSnow App Configuration and Options:


The section will provide information about vSnow App available options to perform certain tasks:


Performance Dashboard

Provide overall reporting of the backup job status


Plugin Configuration

To configure the MID server and Veeam enterprise manager instance.



Automatic Incident creation on backup job failure or warning


Inventory Sync

To manage the backups jobs and other infrastructure.



To check the available restore points and perform the restores


Login session history

To track the sessions between MID and Veeam Enterprise Manager.



Provides the logs of vSnow App failure, success




How to configure the Plugin:


  1. Go to Application Properties under Plugin Configuration:

  1. Select the MID Server
  2. Veeam Enterprise Manager Instance
  3. Veeam Enterprise Manager Administrator username
  4. Veeam Enterprise Manager Administrator password.
  5. Click Sync Veeam to finish the configuration.

If all connections are established correctly you’ll find a message on top of the Record saying “Your session is established with session ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxx”



Other option

  • Delete Inventory to clean the Veeam records for the database.
  • Update to change the password of MID Server.

Modify Data Retrieval Frequency


You can change the frequency for data retrieval from Veeam Enterprise Manager.

To change:

  1. Go to Schedule Job under Inventory Sync
  2. Select the Job for example to change the frequency for incident i.e. Get Incidents
  3. Change the frequency as you desired:



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Interesting @eprieto, do you often work with customers using Veeam and ServiceNow in your region?

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Very interessting. We are using ServiceNow and ar elooking for a solution to integrate VEEAM and SNow...

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Interesting @eprieto, do you often work with customers using Veeam and ServiceNow in your region?

Hi, Rasmus, There are some clients that I know who use Veeam and Service Now but without integration, it would be a good time to try this tool.

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Very interessting. We are using ServiceNow and ar elooking for a solution to integrate VEEAM and SNow...

great, if you try the integration let me know … 

I have the below feedback from a customer on the integration with this plugin:


  • This update set creates another Application in Servicenow, which will consume License.
  • Creates 17 new tables
  • Creates ticket in Incident table, not in our Custom tables.
  • Will this plugin work with the future releases of ServiceNow.

We’re trying to test this tool out in ServiceNow DEV environment, but are unsure of where to get the “AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml” file for the “Post Update Loads” step of the instructions.  Any clues you can provide on where to get that?

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Great post @eprieto , thx for sharing!

@eprieto This is great. We are testing this out and downloaded the zip file but we are unable to locate this file “AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml”

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Super thnx for sharing

thank you @eprieto . I can't find “AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml” file in the zip file. Can someone share the file please?

Hello nobody can help me please? I look for “AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml” file

Hello, can someone answer my question about “AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml” file please ?
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Hi @Christophe44 

This old blog looks like an exact same copy of provided user guide, but it’s missing the direct link to the download page. Veeam Unofficial Service Now Plugin (veeambp.com)

Inside the ZIP File on the provided download page, there is a ServiceNow Veeam V1.0.xml file. 
I would say, this zip file “ServiceNow Veeam V1.0.xml” is the required AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml.

Use it on your own risk. This tool is not Veeam supported.
It may also be possible that it won’t work anymore, because it was build for V9.5 or V10. We are now at V12 (RTM, GA soon).




Hi @Mildur thank you for your reply. Unfortunately the "ServiceNow Veeam V1.0.xml" file is a ServiceNow “Update Set” but it is not the “AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml” configuration file. I hope a new tool for ServiceNow will be available soon and compatible with v11 and v12





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Thanks Christophe.

Then unfortunately I also have no idea where to find the AppConfigUniqueRecord.xml. our 


I hope a new tool for ServiceNow will be available soon and compatible with v11 and v12

Could you maybe go to our RnD Forum and raise a Feature Request? Please share in a forum post what you would expect from such a plugin and what it is important to you and your business.

You can create the topic here:

Veeam Backup & Replication - Veeam R&D Forums




Thanks Fabian, ok I will do that. But it's a bit difficult for me with the English language ;-) The idea is to retrieve the status of Veeam jobs in our ITSM tool  ServiceNow and automatically generate incident tickets when a job fails.