VB365: Important patch released for v6a

  • 27 August 2022
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Just two weeks after the release of Veeam 365 version 6a, Veeam has released the first cumulative patch P20220825 (build This patch fixes two issues which have been discovered in the 6a GA release. While, according to Veeam, those issues only affect less then 1% of the v6a users, it’s still recommended to install the patch.

  • A backup of Security groups, Distribution groups, M365 groups, and specific users may complete with the warning:

    Nothing to process
    When this occurs no restore point is created for such objects.

    Note: Depending on the job configuration, the job may complete with a Success status, and the problem may occur unseen
  • Under certain conditions, a backup job that includes SharePoint, OneDrive, or Microsoft Teams objects may run longer than expected, and the processing of lists may complete with the warning:

    Failed to analyze list changes. Value does not fall within the expected range.

For more information and to download the patch, visit the following KB: https://www.veeam.com/kb4347


FYI: The Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 ISO has already been replaced by an updated one. So if you download VB365 now, it will contain the patch.

1 comment

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That was a quick patch release from the initial release.  Glad to see they are staying on top of things. 👍