[Quicktip] Show jobs a login account is used in

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In this quick quicktip I show how it is easily possible to show all jobs, a specific login account is used in. This can be very useful if you want to change the password or permissions of an account - to check involved jobs - or if you just want to clean up your configuration.

To do so, open the Manage Credentials

To show all jobs, just mouseover the account name. You see all jobs in popup:


If account is used for no job, you see similar popup:


There is also a popup, when mouseover the selected credentials in job:




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In this popup not only jobs are shown, but logins to Servers, vCenters, Domains, etc., too.

It is a very useful oversight about the usage of stored credentials. :sunglasses:

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Great post @vNote42 with this nearly hidden handyfeature ;-)

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Nice little tip for those new to Veeam. :grinning: