Easy Quick Setup Veeam Logs to Synology Log Center

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Hi Folks,

If you have a Synology appliance at home and want a quick and easy way to export your Veeam logs for viewing you can setup Log Center in just a few minutes and be done.

First we want to install the Log Center package from the Package Manager.

Log Center
Run after Installation
Press Open

Log Center is now up and running. We now will setup a receiver.

Log Center


Log Receiving


I will call mine Veeam and leave the other selections to the default settings:



I will need to choose a location for storing my logs:



default settings


I will compress the log archives in order to save space:


Now it is time to setup the Veeam Log Forwarding:

Syslog servers
enter the Synology IP or DNS 
All done

The VBR server should sent a Test message to Log Center after the settings have been applied:


Now to start a backup and see the results sent to Log Center:

Backup Completed


Backup Started
Finished with Success

The whole process was fast and simple to setup. 


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That is very cool and I am going to set this up at home since I have two Synology NAS devices.  Thanks for sharing this one.  😎

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This is amazing...I didn’t realize Synology had the capability of aggregating logs like this.  Something I need to explore more in depth!

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Completed this setup today.  Amazing!!  Nice to see logs and how things report to Synology.  Going to use this to test things, etc.