Common Q&A- Where SAP on Oracle Plug-in cannot be used for SAP running with Oracle Database

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This blog intend to assist SAs/SEs whose customers wants SAP integration(with Oracle databases) in OS platform like Windows, AIX etc.


Q1. Customer’s SAP Environment is running on AIX or Windows with Oracle database as backend. Which solution should be proposed?

A1. As there is no SAP on Oracle Plug-in for windows or AIX, we must utilize the Oracle RMAN Plug-in such cases.

Ask the customer if he wants to utilize the advanced features of RMAN and can work independently without Brtools integration.

If there are strict integration needed with Brtools, refer the Q&A in the following sections.


Q2.Customer need strict integration with Brtools in such environments. How can this be integrated?

A2. Brtools can be integrated with Oracle RMAN in the following way

a. Ask the SAP Admin for the location of init<SID>.sap. From Oracle 12 onwards, it can usually found in /oracle/<SID>/sapprof/


b. Take the backup of the init<SID>.sap file


c. Edit the file and configure the following parameter:-


rman_parms = "SBT_LIBRARY=/opt/veeam/VeeamPluginforOracleRMAN/"


rman_parms_arch = "SBT_LIBRARY=/opt/veeam/VeeamPluginforOracleRMAN/"


(#out the original entry if any)


d. Execute the backup with brtools(it will take RMAN backup in the background)


Also read:-

Preparing RMAN Backups with BR*Tools (


Q3. What additional steps shall be considered for a smooth restore?

A3. Plan the additional backup of SAPBACKUP folder. This folder contains the brtools catalog/log files and shall be required by brtools while restore.



Q4. Is such deployment Supported?

A4. SAP welcomes third party vendor to use the RMAN integration as per the below documentation: -

Oracle Recovery Manager | SAP Help Portal

Oracle RMAN Plug-in is supported from Veeam.

As we have  certifications with only SAP on Oracle Plug-in(and not this deployment), You must openly discuss this workaround with customer , showcase advantages& limitations, and thoroughly test this setup in their landscape to win their confidence.


Q5. Are the backup jobs visible in SAP?

Yes, as the RMAN parameters are configured in file, which is used by Brtools, the jobs are visible in Std. SAP transactions, like DB14 etc.


Q6. How can system copies be performed? (Database only steps)

Case a. Customers allows direct restoration to target through RMAN command. This shall be simpler as we have direct solution and it needs less administrative work. Refer:-

Restore to Another Server - Veeam Plug-ins for Enterprise Applications


Case b. Customer strictly wants to restore to another server through Brtools

System copies in such scenarios needs good DBA and SAP administration skills and should not be performed by backup administrators. Always involve the customer’s SAP/DB admin.

  • As a step 1, you need to copy the required Production’s SAPBACKUP folder (for that needed restore point) into the target. Refer Q3, where we mentioned an explicit backup of SAPBACKUP folder is mandatory for smooth restores.
  • Temporarily modify the spfiles parameter in target(change db name related parameters from target to source)
  • Shutdown the target Oracle database and change the DB_NAME in target (to that of production) – you can do this by executing ‘alter database backup controlfile to trace’ sql command
  • Point the production restore points by mapping the production backup through veeam command line parameters:- (OracleRMANConfigTool --get-backup-for-restore)
  • Execute restore through Brtools
  • Revert the changes, DB_name, SPfiles parameter etc to that of Target



Q7. I want to setup a lab with SAP on Oracle on Windows or AIX. What are the main steps?

A7. Follow the below steps:-

a.Check if you have a S-USER id. If not, ask helpdesk to create a S_USER id.

b.Download the following software from software download section of



-SAP NW installation export

-SAP kernel

-Oracle database and client

-DBA tools

Remember all the above software are OS dependent. Hence, Choose the respective OS carefully from the drop down menu.

c. Install a Windows or AIX VM with 8cpu, 16GB RAM, 100GB data disk

d. Run the installer.

Please contact me in case of difficulties for a lab setup and I can assist you.


For other queries, write me to:-








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Thanks @Debanjan! I've had such a request in the past so this will be useful 👍

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Great detailed article.  Never used the technology but interesting reading about it.