Building a home lab - YouTube Video series

  • 21 October 2020

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I recently started a YouTube video series on how to build your own home lab. New videos are posted each Wednesday so don’t forget to subscribe to get notifications when a new video goes live.


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If you have any requests, please do let me know and I’ll make sure to incorporate it into the series :grinning:

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Great tips for those with home labs. Thanks again Rasmus!

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Wow, great quality !! I've just suscribed in YouTube :white_check_mark:

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I didnt’ know your Youtube channel, Rasmus. I’ve subscrbed too, great content! :)

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@haslund what hardware do you use for your home lab?

Before I had a rack with old HPE G6 servers and analogs from Dell/IBM. But then there was also a lab - tape libraries, storage systems, SAN switches.

Now I have already played enough with this, so I moved to more modern hardware, but only in two servers on Supermicro with Intel Xeon Bronze 3104 and 192Gb of RAM, NVMe SSD and SATA RAID :) there is still a 10G network left between them and the file server

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@haslund what hardware do you use for your home lab?

This is a completely new build and it is definitely not optimal yet. Currently, it is a single Fujitsu RX4770 M1 server, but I hope to add a second one, a 10GbE switch, and a physical firewall eventually too. I don’t have a rack at home that supports the depth of these servers so I am thinking of possible co-lo options.

Very nice photo btw! While physical tape would be cool, I think I will try to use as many virtual appliances as possible.