Azure Immutable Storage

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Azure Portal

In order to use Immutability with Azure Blob Storage, you must setup Storage Account creation.

On the “Data protection” tab of storage account creation:

  • Disable “soft delete for blobs”
  • Enable “Versioning for blobs” 
    • Select “Keep all versions”
  •  Disable “Version-level immutability support”

Set “Blob public access” to Disabled and create a container. Give the container a name and set the “Public Access Level” to “Private”.

Container-Level Setting

After creating the Storage Account with the required settings, create a new container with the following setting:

  • Expand the Advanced section, and Enable “Version-level immutability support”


Do not configure lifecycle management policies for the container`s data.

Do not enable any default immutability policy at the storage account level.

After the Container is created, go to Security → Networking, Access Keys and copy the key1 key.


Veeam Data Platform Setting

  1. Launch New Object Storage Repository Wizard

Add Backup Repository, Object storage→ Microsoft Azure Storage → Azure Blob Storage

  1. Specify Object Storage Name
  2. Specify Object Storage Account
  • From the Credentials drop-down list, select user credentials to access your Azure Blob Storage (name storage and key1)
  • From the Region drop-down list, select an Azure region
  1. Specify Object Storage Settings
  • From the Container drop-down list, select a container. Select Folder, Limit object storage consumtion, Make recent backups immutable, select Use Cool Tier
  1. Review Components
  2. Apply Settings
  3. Finish Working with Wizard




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Hi @AdamLipiec -

As someone who doesn’t use Azure, this is good to know...and easy to set up. Thanks for sharing!

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I have somewhat played with Azure lately, but this is good knowledge to know.  Thanks for sharing this @AdamLipiec