Welcome to the second class of Veeam Legends 2023!

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Veeam Legends

It is our great pleasure to announce the Legends class for the second half of 2023! Veeam Legends program, which is among the top initiatives of Veeam Community, acknowledges individuals who actively participate in the Veeam R&D Forums, the Veeam community, and other Veeam platforms. Veeam Legends is part of the bigger program Veeam 100, together with Veeam Vanguard and Veeam MVP programs. Veeam 100 program plays an important role in empowering data protection industry specialists who possess a strong passion for technology and innovation, and are enthusiastic about advancing their career while also contributing to the community by sharing their insights and experiences.

Congratulations to the new and renewed Legends for the second half of 2023! 

  • Albert Tedjadiputra  Albertwt (Veeam R&D Forums)
  • Alex Heylin @alexheylin 
  • Antonio D'Andrea  @Andanet  NEW
  • Bertrand Castagnet @BertrandFR 
  • Chris Childerhose @Chris.Childerhose 
  • Chris Eromosele @Iams3le 
  • Damien Commenge Matteu (Veeam R&D Forums)
  • Derek Loseke @dloseke 
  • Dipen Kumar @dips 
  • Geoff Burke @Geoff Burke 
  • Hin Tang @HangTen416 
  • Jochen Meixner @JMeixner 
  • Luca Porfiri @Link State 
  • Luis Freixas @HunterLAFR 
  • Marco Fabbri @marcofabbri 
  • Marco Sorrentino  @marco_s NEW
  • Mark Boothman @MarkBoothman NEW
  • Markus Kretzer mkretzer (Veeam R&D Forums)
  • Mateus Wolff @wolff.mateus 
  • Maurice Kevenaar @mkevenaar 
  • Maximilian Maier @regnor 
  • Michael Melter @Michael Melter 
  • Michael Paul @MicoolPaul 
  • Michael Zenker @mcz 
  • Moustafa Hindawi @Moustafa_Hindawi NEW
  • Nico Losschaert @Nico Losschaert 
  • Phillippe Dupuis @Stabz 
  • Ralf Gross pirx (Veeam R&D Forums)
  • Scott Patterson @Scott 
  • Shane Williford @coolsport00 
  • Tyler Jurgens  @TylerJurgens   (Veeam R&D Forums) NEW


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congratulations to all. 👍

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Congrats to all that renewed is Veeam Legend.

For the new ones, welcome to the Veeam 100. You are now have the privilege to be added to this photo 😂