Veeam Community Recap #136

Sizing, DR and Immutability

  • 22 September 2023
Sizing, DR and Immutability
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After an unplanned skippage last week (I think that’s a word!) El Rickatron and @Madi.Cristil are back at it with effectively a double episode! We have four pieces of content to share, a solid stack of Special Department News and a double-dose of Who’s New! Watch this week’s episode here:

The Links

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Special Department News

via @jos.maliepaard 

via @mkevenaar and @JonahMay NEXT WEEK

Finally, Veeam published a great video with Microsoft talking about shared responsibility and Microsoft 365 data:

Who’s New

We welcomed nearly +175 new members this week! Thank you @safiya for preparing! Between the ‘double dose’ of Who’s New we had 8 coolest usernames:  @shunny @spy @Grumbarowski @millerman67 @Bmoody @BIMM IT @stooze and @ZadokZeePriest!


Alfred’s pick (double this week as we combined the two weeks) goes to: @a unique username and @mrgfriend! Have a great weekend everyone!



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Really great recap this week and some great content. Congrats to everyone mentioned this week and welcome to the community all new members.

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Ohhhh Is Nice back to Legends Recap 🤓 Thank You @Madi.Cristil & @Rick Vanover 🙌


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Thanks for the mention @Rick Vanover and @Madi.Cristil ...great for you all to be back. I really enjoyed Geoff and Craig’s posts.

Welcome all new members to the Community. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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It’s nice to see the Community Recap back again. I missed it! 😎