Which Object Storage Performance Testing Tool do you use? - COSBench? S3Benchmark? Other?

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Looking for guidance on which object storage performance tool provides the most reliable results. We’ve worked with COSBench and with S3-Benchmark Tool. Wondering what experience you’ve had with these tools or other tools… Thank in advance for your responses.


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Morning, I can’t say that I’ve ever used any of these tools as I haven’t! For cloud-based object storage I’ve always found the issue to hit repository read speed or (most commonly) egress bandwidth to object storage.


But I am curious which tools are focused on agnostic s3-compatible object storage, as we’re starting to see new players in the field such as Object First, alongside other long standing solutions such as Cloudian, it certainly makes sense to benchmark when your bandwidth can be 1Gbps+

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Have not used any of these tools but will look in to and test them for sure.

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Hi @drews and welcome here!

While not specific to object storage in general, if I have to use AWS S3, I’ve really liked this website tool to check performance to different public AWS S3 resources across regions:  Amazon Web Services Network Performance | CloudHarmony