what is the best way to backup a 2 node cluster SQL VM

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Regarding the backup configuration for a 2-node cluster with SQL Always On:


Am i doing the correct process for backup  ?

  1. add the cluster in the protection group.
  2. Create the backup job as a Failover cluster.
  3. Backup entire computer.
  4. Enabling guest processing for taking SQL Backup & Log backups.

 Concerning restoration:

  1. What are the types of restores that can be performed ?
  2. How to perform the restore the complete failover cluster and the SQL  Application with Always on using Veeam if the failover cluster servers are crashed.

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Hi @Nikks -

I’ve not done this myself...maybe others have. But, have you looked in the User Guide for SQL AO Supportability?

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hi @Nikks 

this can help

[GUIDE] How To deploy & schedule Veeam Agent Protection Group MS Cluster step by step | Veeam Community Resource Hub

you can check out the detailed guides on the veeam site

Backup of Always On Availability Groups - Veeam Agent Management Guide

Step 5. Specify AlwaysOn Restore Options - Veeam Backup Explorers Guide


Backup and Restore of Failover Clusters - Veeam Agent Management Guide

Failover Cluster Support - Veeam Agent Management Guide

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The Veeam BP Guide also has some info to check out:

As well as a couple Forums posts to reference a similar question as yours:


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Thank you all for the advise. 

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You’ll want to read the setup KB for this.  I haven’t set this up myself, but you need to install the MSSQL plugin on each node of the SQL failover cluster and then log into management studio on the active node and setup the backup job as a SQL Server Agent job as specified in the the KB.


Rick has a YouTube video that touches on the job setup on this as well though it doesn’t touch on failover clustering.



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Hi @Nikks -

I was just following up on your post here. Do you still have questions? If so, don’t hesitate to ask. But, if any of the provided comments helped you out, we ask you please mark one as ‘Best Answer’ so others with a similar question who come across your post may benefit.

Thank you.