What are the consideration of sizing Veeam 'Gateway server' and 'WAN Accelerator'?

  • 26 November 2021



Veeam Backup and Replication used to backup Nutanix AHV infrastructure VMs and have configured Backup job and Backup Copy Jobs at DR site NAS Repository. 

used Proxies:

  • Nutanix AHV vProxy - Max Tasks 10
  • Vmware Backup Proxy - Max tasks 4
  • Backup Proxy - Agent - Max tasks 4

Gateway Server

I need to add dedicated Gateway Server close to NAS Repository at the DR site to optimize the backup and copy job performance with Repository. what are the main points should I consider about the Backup infrastructure to size the required Gateway server?

Is there any sizing tool for specify requirements for gateway server?

WAN Accelerator

I want to add separate WAN Accelerators at Primary source and target destinations. what should I consider when sizing VMs for WAN accelerators for my requirement. 

please help me to get this done. 



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The gateway paradigm:

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Sizing a gateway server is identical to sizing a repository server from a CPU/memory perspective because the exact same tasks are happening. You can find the repo sizing formulae here:

For the WAN accelerator, you need to first determine if you will be using high or low bandwidth mode and then size accordingly. You can find the formulae for sizing the WAN accelerators here: