vSphere 7.0 U3b Released and 7.0 U3 pulled!

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@vNote42The KB talks about the ISO:

IMPORTANT: VMware removed the ESXi 7.0 Update 3 ISO from all sites on November 12, 2021 due to an upgrade-impacting issue. Build 18905247 for ESXi 7.0 Update 3b ISO replaces build 18644231 for ESXi 7.0 Update 3 ISO. 

So I’ve you patch(ed) to U3 (without letter) with Update/Lifecycle manager your’re not affected?

Yes, no 3-“letter”-updates available any more for downloading:

I understand it the same way: when you are already on U3, this upgrade-issue should be gone. But I recommend you to be very careful when updating to u3b, maybe some ugly but is still in.

Well said, unfortunately 7.0 has really not been a smooth drive for anyone yet!

All we need now is another CBT regression and it’ll be the shakiest release ever!

NOOOOOOO :anguished::scream:

Means we need the real CBT: Continuous Backup Testing!

YES :joy:

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There is also a FAQ-article for vSphere 7.0 Update 3, Update 3a & Update 3b


BTW: vCenter 7.0 U3b is also removed for download!


What’s the matter with you VMware?

This was quite the read today.  Saw it in the vExpert slack as well.  Hope they get it fixed soon.