VMware - SD card/USB boot device revised guidance (85685)

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VMware will continue supporting USB/SD card as a boot device through the vSphere.Next product release, including the update releases. Refer to this KB for details.



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Thanks for sharing @victorwu, definitely comes with caveats now, key sentance:

If a persistent local device is not available as a boot device, SD cards can be used for boot bank partitions However a separate persistent local device to store the OSDATA partition (32GB** minimum, 128GB** recommended) must be provided


Gives people time to perform lifecycle refreshes where they still have a platform designed with SD/USB storage that they don’t want to invest in.

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Thanks for sharing this as it is good to see there is still time to plan migrations for users.

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We have switched to internal SSDs and retired the SD cards in all of our Hosts due to the problems with V7...

But good to know that there is a possible migration path.

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Recently I had a discussion with my colleges about the current situation at our customers. Currently there seems to be no major problem with SD/USB drives in servers with current ESXi version. Nevertheless, it will not be supported with next version of vSphere. The actual problem is more to get necessary components in time!