VeeamOn Update 2022

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Hey guys! 

As you know , VeeamON Update 2022 is approaching fast with the latest news from Veeam®. Plus, it’s FREE to join. Dive into cutting-edge products and solutions, test drive #Veeam products, interact with the community and more. Join other Veeam users from around the world  to tackle a challenging Veeam obstacle course scenario. Register now, attend the virtual event on Nov 3 (Americas & Europe) or Nov 4 (Asia-Pacific) and you will get a chance to win a custom PlayStation 5 by B Street Shoes! 


Let me know if you have any questions!😊




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Already registered and looking forward to hearing the news. Will have a head start from Prague trip though. 😂

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Thank you for the reminder.

Already registered and propagated in social media 😎👍🏼

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Registered and waiting for all new things.


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Already registered and waiting for the playstat… ehm, event!