VeeamON 2023: A Community Recap

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VeeamON 2023 has officially concluded! 🎉

The biggest event for data recovery experts brought together community members online and in Miami. Veeam Legends and Vanguards were given the opportunity to travel and join Veeam in-person this year for VeeamON. Over 60 Legends/Vanguards from across the world traveled to Miami this year, as well as 6 VeeaMVPs who were also present in Miami. Let’s recap the community involvement at VeeamON this year.  


Presenters  – VeeamON 2023 had the greatest presence of Veeam community members out of all VeeamONs yet. Over 20 Vanguards/Legends/MVPs presented their ideas and expertise to the public this year. 

Breakout Sessions:

Short Bytes: 15-minute sessions exclusive to Miami attendees. 

Joe Houghes giving his short byte session (Picture from Matt Crape)

Tech Talks: a 30-minute small, casual gathering hosted by Vanguards/Legends. Experts discussed a topic chosen by the host with the goal of building knowledge & networking with VeeamON attendees.

Geoff Burke @Geoff Burke - Catching Kubernetes & Kasten with Veeam Preben Berg @poulpreben - Unlocking the Future of Immutable Backups: Mastering Object Storage wth Veeam
Sander Berkouwer @Sander Berkouwer - What, Why & How to Back Up Data in Microsoft 365 Nico Losschaert @Nico Losschaert - Powering Off-Site Backup at a Service Provider
Thomas Maurer @thomasmaurer - Into the Clouds: Hybrid & Multi-Cloud with Microsoft Azure

Nico Stein @NicBackup - SureBackup & What You Can Do with Veeam Agents

 Michael Melter @Michael Melter  - Different Approaches to Immutability of Your Backups Against Ransomware Zane Allyn @allynz206 - Learn All About Recovery Orchestrator 
Shane Williford @coolsport00 - What’s been going ON at VeeamON Chris Childerhose @Chris.Childerhose & Al Rasheed @alrasheed - The Benefits of the Veeam Vanguards & Legends Program

Aside from sessions, you could see the community presence at the Veeam Community Booth inside of the Village Playground. Throughout the week, attendees could visit, grab swag, and speak to V100 members about the Veeam Community. A BIG thank you to all members who came out and joined us at the booth! We would not have been able to pull it off without each of you. 


A big thank you to all of the Veeam Community who made this event remarkable. We greatly appreciate your passion for sharing knowledge and fostering the thriving community Veeam has. As Anand said, Veeam is only #1 because it has the #1 community.  💚



Thank you!

Veeam Community Team


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Damn that is a good-looking group in that bottom photo.  😋😂😎

Indeed, indeed. Don’t know who those guys are, but there are a bunch of good looking group 🤣