Veeam Storage Plugin for DataCore

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Beeing a Veeam Architect as well as DataCore DCIE at the same time I was always pushing for this plugin.

After it finally happened, I took the time to write a deep dive blogpost covering all aspects:

  • Technical background, prerequisites
  • BfSS jobs, howto and caveats
  • Snapshot only jobs
  • “Instant-Sandboxing” from storage snapshots
  • Off-label-usage with unique functionality of DataCore: Using DataCore CDP rollbacks together with the plugin to recover without having had a snapshot in the first place… (cool stuff!)

Find the article in English here:

Might come in handy if you want to combine those great products.


Comments or complements welcome! :slight_smile:





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Thanks for sharing. Will go through it very soon.

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Thanks Michael for sharing! I did quite a lot of DataCore implementations some time ago. A great product! Is this configuration fully supported by Veeam? 

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Hi @vNote42. The config is fully supported as is the official plugin. Even the DataCore CDP integration I discussed in the blog is supported as it ends up to be a regular snapshot.
I used to do a DeepDive video together with DataCore in German (shouldn’t be a problem for you:wink: ).



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Thank you @Michael Melter 
great article and a very informative deep dive.

I don't have hands-on experience with DataCore up to now, but I will have a closer look at it...