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  • 18 April 2024
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Are there any other advanced backup storage calculators kind of like the one Veeam has?

Calculator - VM (

I’m trying to get a good estimation of storage needs. Don’t get me wrong, you can probably never have enough storage 😂 but with that comes budget. The one from Veeam I’m using total amount of space taken by current VMs in the datacenter. It doesn’t take into account growth (additional VMs) or reduction (consolidation/removal of VMs). Our SAN is right around 90TB but remote datacenters have local stroages for VMs at about 3TB and 1.5TB respectively.  Do I size based off SAN/local array storage?


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Your best bet for sizing is the calculators but you can also try using the BP site -

The calculators works best as they also give you the added working space needed for fulls, etc.