Veeam backupJobs FAIL becous of The RPC server is unavailable

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I have got the following error for  4 different VMs  server’s backup jobs . this is happening for thre consecutive day now

6/15/2023 11:34:55 PM :: Task failed. Failed to expand object RDS09. Error: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)  


any solution , suggestion? I really appreciate your help and Thanks in advance.


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Hi @mohammed Kamy Kommunikasjon 

we need more info about this issue but I think is a guestos misconfiguration. 

Check to see if the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service is running. If it is, then it's a firewall issue between your server. You can test it by temporary disabling the firewall and retrying the backup.

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Hi @mohammed Kamy Kommunikasjon mentioned by @Andanet  already, would better help us if you could provide more details. Are these new backup jobs? Were you able to back them up before this error occurred? For sure look at the port requirements for Veeam. Also, there is a KB you might wanna check out for this error. 

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Another thing to add is to check the backup logs to get more information as well. They are located here -


Within here there will be a job folder and the logs.  Check those to see if there is more information on the error.

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Judging from the icon, this appears to be a Hyper-V job. And since the error is “Failed to expand object <VM_Name>”, I suspect the connection between VB&R and your SCVMM / Hyper-V cluster or hosts is having issues. This is still before any interaction with the guest VM.


Are you able to browse the VMs in the Hyper-V hosts, from the “Inventory” tab? As also pointed out by others, the logs should contain useful information about the issue.

Dear Veeam Community,


I am also experiencing this exact issue where I receive the RPC error running a backup job.  Configuration is a follows:

  • Hyper-V host running Windows Server 2022 with a variety of vms
  • One of the virtual machines is also running Windows Server 2022 and setup as a “Backup Server” with Veeam installed
  • I was able to create a backup job and browse the list of virtual machines
  • The logs actually enumerate all of the vms, whether running or not and attempt to backup
  • The backup job is to a NAS
  • The RPC server is running on the Hyper-V host and the Backup Server
  • The NAS is accessible via SMB share
  • When the backup job runs it completes the following steps: Building list of machines to process, VM Size, Change block tracking is enabled
  • Errors start on Processing “vm name” Error: Call was canceled by the message filter: Exception from HRESULT: 0x80010002 RPC_E_CALL_CANCELED

Any help would be appreciated

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Hello @jab 

how I wrote 3 months ago I think issue is due to RPC service, I only can add you can check WMI services, or firewall block network traffic when proxy try to hotadd virtual disks to backup it. 

The exception error is a Windows message not from Veeam. 

You need to check the issue in your host server.

Hi Andanet, I was able to get it working, but the solution may point to the underlying cause. 

First the “Backup Server”, was setup as a domain joined computer, but the HyperV it was running on was not.  Since the only purpose of this VM is to backup the host, I decided to disjoin it from the domain.  I was then forced to re-setup the HyperV host and backup job in Veeam and retried.  It immediately failed with “Agent failed to process method {ReFs.SetFileIntegrity}”.

Thankfully, there was a great article explaining that Veeam is getting confused when targeting the NAS via SMB and trying to use “Fast Clone” technology.

The NAS is a Netgear READY-NAS, so not sure if it support that or not, but using the article, I added the registry setting and now the backup job is progressing.

Hope this helps someone.