Veeam Backup for Office 365 Best Practice Guide

  • 19 February 2021

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Hi guys,


want to make you aware of a major update on the VBO Best Practice guide available at With the update mostly being v5 content I’ve also updated the base technology to improve the search massively and included a nice section on Least Privilege access based on my scripting efforts.

All constructive feedback is welcome!


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Thanks for your work, I will have a look :) 

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Hello StefanZi

Look good! thank you for your sharing and let me share to VUG HK & Macau group first.

Best Regards,

Eddie Kwok

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Looking really good now and the search is much better definitely.  I will share this with my colleagues and in the Canada UG. :thumbsup_tone2:

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I didn't know that there also was a best practice guide for VBO. Thanks for sharing and thank you for your work.

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Good to know about this resource Stefan. Thanks for the share