Veeam Backup for M365 automaticly BackupJobs

  • 23 March 2023
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Hello, it’s about Veeam Backup for M365.

would it be possible to start a backup job automatically when a previously specified backup is completed?

For example:

I’ve a Backup Job which safe just Microsoft Teams on a Server A.

So when this Backup Job is finished, then start automatically the second Backup Job with Microsoft Teams on a Server B.


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Hi @dani, unfortunately not via the GUI/native scheduling options. If you’ll permit my asking: how comes you want to finish a backup then start another backup of teams? Is this two groups of users within teams? Or two separate backups of all the teams data?


To answer your initial request you could script this in various ways. Either something like when you get an email that the teams backup job 1 finishes, trigger the backup job 2. Or monitor the job with Get-VBOJobSession and when it’s finished, start the second job with Start-VBOJob