Veeam backup encryption

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dears, please we have configured the backup job to be encrypted from advanced menu and we create and pass for encryption, but when try to restore individual file the file restored normally and visible without asking for key, so please i need to know how to fix it  


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Hi @M.Mamdouh -

Yep, that is expected behavior for encryption. If you restore using the SAME VBR server you used to create the encrypted jobs, you will not be prompted for a pwd. You are only prompted if a backup file is attempting to be restored from a different VBR server than where the job was encrypted at. You can read more about that behavior in the User Guide.



No Pwd for Encryption


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If you were to import that backup into another VBR server then you would be asked for the encryption password since that server does not have it stored.  Like Shane said it is as expected.