veeam backup created many orphaned files

  • 8 December 2023

Hi, I recently updated vcentre and had to create a new backup task as the old one was no longer working. However, I noticed that veeam backup created many orphan files as a result of each backup and I have to go to vcentre to consolidate these backup. 


The files are named as MyVM-000001-ctk.vmdk, MyVM-000001.vmdk and it goes on for a while till in my case, 000046.


I also note that there was some information displayed - “MyVM has stuck VM snapshot, will attempt to consolidate periodically”


I am on veeam backup and replication version 11.


This was working well previously before the vcentre upgrade. 


Thanks in advance.


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Hi @Dan_F - many questions here. Which backup transport method are you using?..I assume hotadd? Veeam can tend to leave snapshots on VMs on occasion, regardless of the Veeam version used. On subsequent job runs, Veeam tries to remove/consolidate any leftover snaps. But, if unsuccessful, you can do so manually in a graceful manner by creating a snapshot on a VM, leave it for like a minute or 2, then click the ‘Delete All’ button to remove & consolidate the snaps on the VM(s). Veeam retries snap removal though via its Snapshot Hunter feature. You can read more about it here.

If this is happening on many VMs, you can look at the Veeam Backup Job backup log, located in: C:\ProgramData\Veeam\Backup\<job-name-folder> on the VBR server and see if it shows anything in detail you can potentially modify to rectify the issue. Generally why this happens though is vCenter reports to Veeam the snap is removed, yet still remains. This is called a “phantom snapshot”. And this is why the Snapshot Hunter feature was created. If you’d rather not spend time looking at the logs, you can get ahold of Veeam Support to assist (may be your best best here)

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Hi @Dan_F -

I just want to follow up on your snapshot issue post here. Did my comment help answer your question? Did you find another resource? If my comment or other helped you, could you mark one as ‘Best Answer’ so others with a similar question/issue who come across your post may benefit?

Thank you.