VBR12 managed laptops: No Backups during working hours over WAN links

  • 29 August 2023

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We have quite some users, that work at least a few days per week in their home office, connected to the corporate LAN using a VPN tunnel.


so the local Veeam Agent can connect to the VBR server, and therefore is doing regular Veeam backups over the VPN connection, cutting down the bandwith that much, that the users cannot work anymore in their home office.


Two approaches:

1.) limit bandwith used to an user adjustable speed rate

2.) only run Veeam backups, if the IP address is pointing out “the-laptop-is-connected-to-the-Corporate-Network” (no VPN WAN IP address)


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Hi @Rudi Stang , I’m not aware of IP segregation with Agents, but you can limit bandwidth, as well as restrict VPN connection usage, via your Agent Protection Group Properties. Rt-click the Protection Group > Properties, then go to the Options section and click the Advanced button > Agent for Windows tab and set your bandwidth limit.

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thanks for your reply, I will use the “Restrict VPN connections usage”, Options of Protection Group properties.



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No problem.