VBR 12 Windows guest files restore error

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Latest VBR 12 build installed on a workgroup server running Windows Server 2022.

vSphere 7U3k.

When trying to restore a file from a backed up vSphere VM, I get the following errors in the Backup Browser:



After the last error the Backup Browser closes.


Best answer by Mildur 13 April 2023, 22:03

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There is also another patch out for v12 so apply that and try again -


Tried it. Same result.

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@HanAre the 2022 VMs and the VBR server on the same build/patch level? And like Michael wrote, do you maybe have deduplication enabled?

You can open a support case with a NFR license but you'll only receive best effort support. This means if Veeam support doesn't have any free slots, your case may get closed.

Created a support case.