Treating notifications "xxxx is no longer processed by this job" as alarms?

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On my esxi 7.0 cluster I’ve added a couple of VMs for testing. Having had B&R configured to backup entire hosts (with some VM exceptions) it obviously backed up these test VMs. I did not notice this change, since I’ve configured Veeam to not email me on successful backups.

Over the next days I removed these VMs. By doing so, Veeam completed to produce successful backups but today by accident I’ve noticed that it adds a single line message of the form “XXXX is no longer processed by this job. Make sure this change is intentional.”

Two questions:

  1. These last jobs were still successful. Therefore I’ve received no e-mail for them (even if I did, I’d tend to overlook content for jobs that ran without hitches). Would it be better to have this type of a job end with a warning exit code, instead of a success one?
  2. How can I avoid having this message in the next backups? Should I edit the job and, if so, edit it how exactly?

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Hi @cosmik!


It’s warning you the VMs have fallen outside of scope. If you have remove deleted VMs after X days set, it’ll disappear then, otherwise remove them from your backup config or delete the VM backups from disk via Veeam to clear it up IIRC!

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@MicoolPaul mate that was fast, those Veeam implants do wonders :D

Well, I do understand what these messages do. So they’ll be automatically deleted after some days, right?

Can’t delete them from the config, since they were implicitly included in the first place (job setting specifies “include all VMs in host, except this and this and that” and I did not specify this/that).

As for deleting them from disk: these are immutable backups, so no can do.

I’d like Veeam to have these messages treated as ending with a warning, instead of being successful, to raise the admin’s awareness. Just saying here, don’t know if by doing so it would create more problems in the process.

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You have deleted some VMs that were included in your job. So, Veeam informs you that some VMs are not there anymore.

And as Michael said, if you have configured “remove deleted VMs after X days” then these messages will be gone after the configured days. Otherwise they will remain until you remove the non-exisitng VMs from the job.

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As you’re working with immutability, you need to await the end of the immutability AND either of the following:

  1. Have the  “Remove deleted items after” setting configured (
  2. Navigate to Home > Backups, find the backup in question, right click the VM(s) inside it, and delete from disk.

Unfortunately I don’t believe, as you’re using the job for other things, you can just select the job and choose “remove from configuration” to ignore the warning.


This could be a good link btw for further reading:

But it may be worth requesting a feature change over on the R&D forums to mute this message, it might even already be available via a registry key change! But I have no idea on that one for definite, just that there are a lot of registry key changes that can be made 😂

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Yeah, I like that as a feature request.  It’s great to know when a VM is no longer backed up, but when it’s intentional, it can also be annoying, so it would be nice if there was a way to mute that expected alarm.