Tap Drive Auto Backup

  • 22 December 2021

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Hi All,

Recently I configure a schedule backup to Tap Drive one of my customer environment. 

Now customer wants to know that, if tap cartridge is changed then schedule backup is working or not.

i think that is tap cartridge full and change the cartridge then its need to be take full backup again first then can continue the schedule backup.

any suggestion on that pls.


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I assume it is a single tape drive and not one in a library.

Veeam does not create new backups with tape, it copies existing backups from a disk repository only.

If there is a full backup on a tape no new full is written if the tape is changed. If the primary backup job writes a new full to disk, then this new full is written to tape, too. The tape job simply copies the data from the primary job.

At restore time Veeam will request the tape with the full backup and you have to load it into the drive and inventory the tape prior to restoring.

If your customer has budget, then a little tape library with some tape slots (libraries with 16 or 24 slots are available) would be a good.investment. then you don't have to exchange tape manually.

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I don’t know if I get your question right. There are settings in media pool to define what should happen with the tape after a backup is finished. When a new media set is created, a new tape cartridge is needed.



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If the tape is full the job would be idle with waiting on tape until it is changed and then continue from where it left off. So the job should continue once you swap tapes.