Save Specific VM on a scale-out repository

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I have a Dell Data Domain repository for local backups and i want to send some critical VMs backups to the AWS S3, to withstand disasters.

So when I tried to create a scale-out using the existing Dell data domain and AWS S3, the interface told me that all tasks that use the Dell data domain will be updated to point to the the scale-out repository.

Is there a way to keep the majority of backup jobs pointing to the Dell data domain and choosing some backup jobs to point to the scale-out repository?


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I found this.


  • If a backup repository is added as an extent to the scale-out backup repository, you cannot use it as a regular backup repository. You cannot target jobs to this backup repository. Instead, you have to target jobs to the configured scale-out backup repository.
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You could create a separate folder and target that as a stand-alone if needed, just be aware of the potential performance impact of multiple jobs targeting the same storage!

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Hi @MicoolPaul,


I Will Check if Dell Data domain Offre this option.


Thank you.

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Or another simple method with V12.

Use a backup copy job to copy the backups of selected backup jobs directly to AWS S3. That way you don‘t have to modify your existing Data Domain repository.