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Two more points (this might go on all day...)

  1. Dedicate the repository to Oracle RMAN in large environments. Don’t mix in VM workloads. This is both a resource issue and a configuration issue. See the point below.
  2. If targeting a SOBR, use the Performance Data Locality policy, so load balancing is based on available compute resources (cores). Note that this means that any Oracle database and redo log backups will likely be spread across extents. This setting works for plug-in backups since there is no Full and Incremental backup from Veeam’s perspective.

Thanks this is very good information and explains some issues that I have seen. So I take it separating the rman backups looks to be pretty essential. 

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Correct...and an edit is needed! Use Performance Policy (as opposed to Data Locality Policy), not Performance Data Locality Policy. 🤦‍♂️

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I think RMAN is enough for backup. anyway I will try it in my lab and update you according