Restore worksation on Proxmox

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Hello together,


I have the following Problem.

I want to migrate a Workstation to am VM in Proxmox.

I found the following Thread with nearly the same question

Now my Problem:

When I start the VM it boots into the Veeam restore option but the Agent shows the Error “Failed to resolve ClientID. Machine doesn´t have identifiers”.
Like in the Thread above I switched the VM-Bios from SeaBios to Uefi but then the VM doesn´t boot into Veeam.

Is there a possibility to solve the Error


Thank you for your help.




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ProxMox is not supported by Veeam at the moment.

The support is announced though:

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As Joe stated @MRieger , Proxmox was announced to be supported, but according to the official announcement on their blog site, it will not be GA until around Quarter 3 of this year (Fall sometime). You can read their official announcement below:

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Although, it doesn’t seem you’re working with Veeam & Proxmox directly, but using the Veeam Agent (so, an indirect approach)? Even so, there could be something about using a Proxmox-based VM which the Veeam agent is not able to read & thus the error. If no one else can post a solution, you may try and post something on the Veeam Forum.

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I've seen this error a few times so far but no specific solution. On Reddit someone replied that changing from VM version 8 to 8.1 solved the issue, while someone else used pc-i440fx-8.0 instead. Maybe this is helpful to you, or if you find a different solution then please share it here.