Restore Window Timeout

  • 12 February 2024

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Im trying to do a file level recovery on an agent client and because the VBR server is so busy my console is timing out before i can get to the screen where I can browse/select the file i need to recover. Is there a way to change the timeout behavior?


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Hi @TK515 -

There is no ‘default’ timeouts to set via Veeam. I have seen on the Forums where users were able to have timeouts set via Registry for various things, but those were created by Veeam Support. So, there “may” be a value which can be applied to your case. But the only way to do so would be to create a case with Support to have them possibly create a registry entry to do so.

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If the console is timing out this could mean lack of resources on VBR server or the database used by VBR. Even if we can increase the timeout, you must investigate why it`s happening because this isn`t normal.
As Shane said, it’s better contact Veeam Support to help you with this problem.

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I’m not usually in the “throw more resources at the problem” camp as that can often mask other issues, but depending on what all this VBR server is doing, more resources may be in line.  Alternatively, if this is a simple all-in-one deployment where the VBR server is also holding the proxy and repo roles, it may be time to offload those roles to other servers as well dedicated for those roles.  Support can guide you on this as well, but just food for thought.

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Same Derek. Agree. At the very least, they can check to see if they meet the sizing requirements for VBR, or if with a Simple (i.e. multi role) deployment, make sure the sizing of all components are properly configured/installed for the VBR server.

@TK515 - you can reference the Veeam Best Practice Guide for sizing, if resources is indeed your issue here.