Restore full mailbox with Veeam Explorer for Exchange - ID handling

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If you want to restore a deleted Exchange mailbox (on-prem), you first have to create an empty mailbox within Exchange for the user. This has already been described earlier:


Challenge is, while creating a new mailbox you also create a new ID for it. This leads to loosing some functionality (permissions to folders for 3rd parties etc., recurring appointments, etc.).


Is there another known way to recover the mailbox including its original ID?

I would rather have expected VEXE to create the mailbox for me while recovering - including all metadata.


Best answer by regnor 28 April 2023, 06:43

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Hello @Michael Melter, I took a look at the forum link you shared and it seems to me that the process is still the same and the target mailbox must be specified. Please see:

When was this mailbox deleted? If the deleted mailbox retention period has not expired, maybe you should try this solution:

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Good point, @Iams3le. Thanks.
But I'd consider this a (valid) workaround outside Veeam’s ecosystem.
Any ideas how to achieve the same with VEXE as a one stop shop?

Could even be considered a feature request...😉 


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With the Exchange Explorer you can only restore mailbox content but no Exchange metadata. While you could restore the Exchange AD attributes with the AD Explorer, I'm not sure if this would break something. What I would suggest, is to add the previous ExchangeLegacayDN to the new mailbox/user as a x500 address. Maybe this would solve the problems you've mentioned? If not, which ID are you referring to?

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Thanks, @regnor

I was referring to ExchangeGuid.

It seems we’re actually limited to content of a mailbox.

On the other hand, VEXE can e.g. reconnect a mailbox to an AD user if it has proper permissions.

With VEAD it’s also crucial to keep the SID of a user when recovering it.