Restore a file from tapes

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We have Veeam Backup & Replication v10. We do backups of our file servers VM’s (in ESXi 6.7) with guest file system indexing option enabled. Also we have tape backup jobs of these servers.

We need to restore an individual file from a tape media set, is there a way to restore that file directly from the tapes? or I need always restore all the vbk file to a disk before to do a file restore from tape?


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Omar De Souza.


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Good morning Omar,

In this case, you'll first have to copy the necessary backup files from tape back to your repository. Afterwards you can browse them for single item restore.

If you in the other hand wnat to restore the whole VM, then direct restore from tape is possible:

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Hi Regnor, 

Many thanks for your answer.



Omar De Souza.