Questions on veeam backup with nutanix & veeam repository

  • 20 September 2021

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Hey guys, I have two questions 

  1. For veeam backup for nutanix, after I install a nutanix plugin on VBR will veeam setup a nutanix proxy VM or should we setup the proxy VM in the nutanix cluster?
  2. If VBR backups to a repository, later VBR crashes and I deploy another VBR and add the repository which has the backups stored, will this new VBR able to access or see the backups stored?


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Please follow the step by step guide.

Veeam will do mostly anything for you:


If your vbr crashes, you can import the backups to a new vbr server and use it to restore files/vsphere or entire vms (back to original ahv cluster or to another hypervisors)

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@Mildur and will settings of backup job remains as it is after importing?

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Configuration Backup for the Nutanix AHV Proxy is another thing. You need to do it manually:

There is also a automatic PDSnapshot Job for the Nutanix AHV Proxy, which you can use to revert the proxy vm.


If you loose only your vbr server, backup jobs and their settings for Nutanix AHVwill not be lost. They are storedon the Nutanix AHV Proxy. Rebuild your vbr server, import the vbr config backup amd you will have back your backup environment with all configured backups jobs.


If you loose the Nutanix Proxy, then you need the config backup or pd snapshot of the proxy itself to get your jobs back.