Postgres cluster backup and restore (Veeam)

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Hello All, 


I need to take backup from postgres cluster using Veeam, the postgres is deployed in clustered nodes (3-nodes).

As I know and did it before, we can use Veeam Agent for Linux to backup single node holding the postgres database, then I can perform the restore for the file using Linux FLR. 


Here I have some points to be discussed :

1- I know we can perform image-level backup for the VM holding the postgres, and ask the DB admin to provide us pre or post-thau script. 

In this cause, would it be better to use Linux agent backup on the VM instead of VM-backup? 

What is the pros and cons for using Agent or VM back with postgres? 

2- can we create a script from our end as backup admin as simple script if the customer does not have his own script? In this case appreciate if someone explained how the script works? 

3- how can we backup clustered machines, do we have to install Linux agent on all cluster nodes? How can I point the nodes to take backup and restore? Comparing to Microsoft SQL Always-on, I do the backup using clustername object in the Ad, how can we do the simlitarity for postgres cluster? 


4- for restore, the only possible way right now is restore as file level from the Linux machine, Right? and what about the restore from postgres cluster nodes? 

5-As Veeam gurus, Does anyone read about any enhancements in the coming release (V12),we can backup abd restore as database level from postgres, or we will use the same backup and restore mechanisms with  11a.

Many Thanks 


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Veeam agent for Linux is the only way to backup PostgreSQL application-aware at the moment.

With this, you won't need a pre/post script.

As far as I know it is not possible to backup PostgreSQL Clusters with VBR11a ot Veeam Agent for Linux V5.

In VBR V12 and Agent V6 there will be more options to do this.

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Just to follow on from @JMeixner’s good points, I’m aware that PostgreSQL has multiple HA/LB options available, to best determine what features of Veeam will be most advantageous to your solution, it’d be good to know what you are using to provide HA to your database instances



This will impact what is/isn’t available via VM-based backup and Agent-based backup.

An idea of what this is running on will help us too. For example, if it’s a heavily utilised database (I’m guessing so since there’s the need for HA) you’ll likely find benefits in using storage snapshots if your underlying storage supports it, but this isn’t supported with Veeam Agent for Linux, so it’d need to be a VM-based backup, presuming the architecture of your database servers was compatible with VM-based backup.


Hopefully I’ve given you enough points to provide a detailed response to help shape this.

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Hi @JMeixner & @MicoolPaul Many Thanks for your replies .


So As of now, there is no option for backup Postgres as cluster.


can i install Veeam Kinux for Agent or each individual machine, perform full backup for each individual machine on the same backup job , then perform FLR when restoring from any machine.


or this suggested solution will not work with Postgres Clustered machines anymore?

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You can define a protection group, insert your linux maschines into the group and backup the group with the agent for linux.

I am afraid the PostgreSQL cluster will not be recognized. I think you will have to wait for VBR V12 and Agent V6.

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Thank you @JMeixner I agree with you, let’s wait for VBR V12 with Linux Agent V6 and see.



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Correct, otherwise you’d need to script your own solution for interacting with your cluster as previously mentioned. It’d still be handy to know what type of high-availability solution you’re using for your cluster as that’ll help determine a path forward.