POC with errors in some Hyper-V CSV VMs


We are doing a POC on client with all instalation parameters OK. There are 3 CSV volumes and on volume02 with 104TB all VM backup failed with this error:


Failed to create snapshot (Microsoft CSV Shadow Copy Provider) (mode: Crash consistent) Details: Unknown status of async operation
Vss error: '0x80042306'


Only with this CSV Volume.

Does anyone have any idea?

Weberth Moreira


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Don't use Hyper-V much but found these two things that might help -


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If this is happening only for one volume probably is something related to create the volume shadow copy for this volume.

Try create manually and see if works:

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Alternatively, you can run the following in an elevated command prompt:

vssadmin list providers

This will display if any of the writers are in an error status