Perform full restoration test from Object storage (assume total loss)

  • 23 November 2023

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Hi Team,

I have a site that uses Wasabi object storage for both archiving and have “copy backups to object storage as soon as they are created” checked in the SOBR.


This has been ticking away for some months now doing what I’d expect it to be doing.


Now I need to test a full scale recovery from this environment, assuming we have a total loss of all on premises infrastructure, including the VBR server. 

I have spun up a new VM in our DR environment and installed VBR. My next step was to connect to the object storage bucket and attempt to recover VMs from this. But when I attempt to connect I get a warning “Selected object storage repository is already managed by another backup server. If you continue, all jobs currently using this repository will fail. Proceed?”


I don't want the current jobs to fail, as this is only a test. Can I still connect to this repository and only read the objects without modifying it? Or can it be mounted in read only? Or is there another way I should be doing this?


We need to be able to perform regular “total loss” restores to prove the environment is recoverable in the event of a disaster. But we don’t want to break backups in the process. How can we achieve this?


Any assistance / guidance would be greatly appreciated. 



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You have to let the new VBR server take ownership, so your test then go through the properties on the production server again to take control back. It is by design.  See here -


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Thanks Chris, that is what I was looking for :)

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Not a problem at all.

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I have never had to do this and am happy I saw this post. 

Keep us informed on how your backup testing and restore goes!!!

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Yes, I haven’t tried this, so thank you for posting this.  It would certainly give me pause in an actual DR event.