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  • 22 February 2024

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Good morning,
What is needed for
                - Be individually certified at the commercial and technical level
                - Be an authorized reseller of the Veeam solution


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Partnering is done via


Personal commercial training is available for partners via Veeam’s ProPartner portal. Technical training is the VMCE or VMCA certifications, and there’s some uncertified basic training available on this site via the Veeam university Link on the homepage

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Hi @emmanuel.s  you may find useful this post

Please consider that for reseller partnership just ProPartner Portal and Technical Trainings are requested. University courses are thought to introduce customers to Veeam at very high level and certification have no value for reselling aspirations. 


ProPartner Portal (this link is visible when you are a partner) 

Technical Trainings




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All responses is ok

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I was able to resolve the reseller partnership issue. Do you also have information on how to become a Veeam approved center?

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Hi @emmanuel.s  do you mean Authorized Education Center? You can write me an email.


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yes I need your mail

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I have already sent in pvt 😉