P2V Physical Dell Server

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We are new with using Veeam P2V. We’ve successfully P2V’d a couple of servers without a issue.

We have been asked to P2V a Dell server running windows 2012R2.  Has 1 Hard drive that is 1TB.We deployed the Veeam agent and backed it up OK. We migrated into production (with NIC not connected and powered off). Once it was completed, we removed the nic from it in VCenter and added the VMXNET3 adapter and the correct assigned the Vlan back to it. We powered it on (w/NIC not Connected) and the server comes up and displays “Getting Devices Ready” and it just sits there with circle spinning.

Anyone seen this before and have any suggestions of what the issue could be?  


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How long have you been waiting and watching it spin?  I can’t remember this happening for me on anything that waiting longer didn’t fix.  Sorry that I’m not very helpful.

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Yes how long have you waited?  Just curious as I have seen it take time before longer than normal.

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Maybe try restoring and leave the original NIC disconnected. Windows may be trying to find it when starting up.

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If you have waited quite some time, you could just stop the VM, restore an E1000 adapter.

If the machine boots up correctly, I would suggest to install VMware tools, then try switching the NICs.

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Install the latest VMware Tools prior to installation (not your ESXi bundled tools but actual latest from VMware, I recall an issue with a Windows Update deployed a version of VMXNET3 driver that caused this behaviour

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Also, what’s the behaviour of you add a second NIC with VMXNET3 and reboot without removing the first? Could do that to ensure drivers installed successfully and then remove the first

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I agree with @mkevenaar : use at the beginning the E1000 adapter (normally recognized by Windows) and when the VM is started correctly : first install the vmware tools and afterwards add an VMXNET adapter. Most chance that this will work.

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I suggest the VM boot up with the E1000 correctly, then install the latest VMware tools and vmxnet adapter.