New feature for restores

We currently have a situation where we need to copy backed up files on a different subnet from the Veeam server.

The backup files are on the proxy server in a different subnet and I need to copy them to a different server on the same subnet.  Veeam is across a VPN so copying 1 TB of files from Veeam across the VPN would take too long.

When I mount the files to restore it would be great if they were available in the VeeamFLR folder on the proxy server.   Then I could copy them directly on the same subnet.  Right now the files to restore are only available on the Veeam server.

As a workaround I’m going to install Veeam on the Proxy server so I can access the backed up files without using the VPN.


Best answer by regnor 9 June 2022, 20:49

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You may want to post this on the Veeam Forum instead as suggestions are not done here -

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This is already possible now. During a restore Veeam will mount the backup files at the mount server which is configured in the repository settings. So in your case probably the backup server is the mount server and you need to change it to your on-site server.

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Correct @regnor !