Need to change datastore of a replica VM: best way?

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I set up a Replication Job from the Main to the DR site for a VM running in vSphere and everything is fine.

Now I have to move the replica VM to another datastore located at the same DR site.

I could perform a storage vMotion on the replica VM, but I have some doubt:

 - would a storage vMotion on the replica VM harm the Veeam Replication Job?
 - should I need to modify the replication job in order to point it to the new datastore?
 - would I need to delete the replica job, perform the storage vMotion, and then re-create the replica job, seeding it with the existing replica VM (would like to avoid that...)?

How to do that in the most secure / efficient way?

Thank you


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I’ve done this numerous times without issue. Veeam looks to vCenter for the replica info.


I would disable the job perform the svmotion and then re-enable the job to be on the safe side.

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Hi Mark.

I did so, and launched the Replica Job after successful storage vMotion of the replica VM.
But the replica job failed with the error
“Cannot fine objects:[43, ha-host]”

Then I removed and re-added the replica VM mapping and restarted the job
Now the job processed without any error, digests were re-calculated, CBT was invalidated.
Retention policy was applied correctly


Thank you so much for your support!
Best Regards


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@FMolinelli appreciate you’ve completed this now but just for anyone that finds this later.


If you perform a storage vMotion, you should firstly disable the job prior to processing (as wisely suggested by @MarkBoothman)

Then remove your svmotioned VMs from the configuration database (otherwise Veeam will have stale entries for the VMs on the old datastore)

Then you should reconfigure the replication job to the new datastore, and during the same edit you should utilise replica mapping to map to the VM in the destination datastore.


Re-enable your job and give it a test run 😊

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Option 2 if the VM is small you could just create a new replication job to the new datastore then remove the old one. (less steps)


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Hi @MicoolPaul ,

I did stopped the replica job, but I didn’t removed the VM from the config.
Nevertheless I had to re-map the replica  to the existing ‘moved’ target VM.

The fact that the susequent job run was ok, and even retention policy was applied (oldest point was deleted) should prove that the replica target is in good state, I Guess

I’ll try to do a Failover / failback ASAP (after a src VM backup...)

  @Scott , I know we should always make a balance between safety and efficiency… this case the VM was 500GB … and I already started the vMotion ...

Thank you again