Need help to size backup cloud repository

a customer needs to setup cloud backup using Veeam Cloud Connect.
Total source capacity is about 90TB of heterogeneous data (40 VMs, most of them are users files, db, sap)

Needs are daily incremental, 1 monthly full/VM, 6 months retention (totally 6 full backup/VM).

I don't understand how to use the capacity calculator
Can someone please help me understand how to fill data into the tool ?
thank you so much
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Best answer by Chris.Childerhose 21 March 2022, 16:06

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This is what I get when plugging in your numbers but guessing on some of the fields.  You will need to modify the change rates and the scope growth as well as turn off ReFS/XFS option if not used.  You can also uncheck the Backup Copy policy too.  HTH


Thank you so much, Chris.

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Thank you so much, Chris.

Not a problem at all.  Once you understand what is asked in the different options it is fairly easy to populate.  Also be sure to mark an answer on this post to help others.  Hopefully this gets you what you wanted. :sunglasses: