Multiple Tape Servers Managing Single Multi-Drive Library

Anyone have a need for this:

Currently customers have 2 options when connecting a Tape Server to a Tape Library

1: Physical Tape Server: attached to the Library/FC
2: Multiple Virtual Tape Servers: partitioning the tape library so each Tape Server (VM) will see only select drives, and slots.

Either way would maximize the throughput of data transference. Currently having 1 VM as Tape Server does not maximize the libraries efficiency throughput. ... ml?ver=110

You can add multiple tape servers to the same installation of Veeam Backup & Replication. But mind that you cannot add one tape library to two different tape servers and write data to it from both tape servers.

Would this work:  Ability to have multiple tape servers within single VBR see and manage same multi-drive tape library
To optimize the use of libraries and drives, it should be supported between multiple Tape Servers within a single VBR. Although the library’s media changer is controlled by 1 Tape Server, all of the additional Tape Servers would have access to the media changer through centralized management. Thereby all Tape Servers can see all drives, and slots, and the Primary Tape Server coordinates drive and slot access, all to maximize throughput of data streams


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As far as I am aware and know you can only have one tape Library per tape server with no multi access based on the help page you posted too.  Veeam tends to want to control the entire tape Library.

Correct - I have asked for Feature Enhancement, so just wanted to get comments if this would be beneficial - Single VM controlling a large library with numerous drives would never be able to efficiency transfer enough data consistently to keep the drives spinning.

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I gotcha. Yeah that would be a good suggestion for sure.

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Ok, you are asking for a construct like a library manager and library clients in Spectrum Protect.

Yes, I would be glad if this would work with Veeam, too. Then you could maximize the usage of your libs and drives


I think you have to write such a feature suggestions into the Veeam forums. There is product management reading.

I support this request. :sunglasses::thumbsup_tone3:

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Sounds good. To understand you right: do you talk about multiple physical tape server?