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  • 22 February 2021
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Hi guys


One of our customer migrated all his workloads to Azure. For backup compliance he defined all workloads have to be backed up daily to AWS S3 immutable object store.

So we have Veeam Backup for Azure for IaaS and NAS Backup for Azure File Share.

Now my struggle is real. When I backup the file share with NAS Backup I’m not able to write the data to AWS on daily base, only “Keep previous file version” works. I used a scale-out backup repository with capacity tier the s3 immutable store and the setting “Copy backups to object store as soon as they are created” and “Move backups to object storage as they age out the operational restore window” but nothing happened.

Also the Azure IaaS Backup Copy job does not work as expected. As backup repository I need to specify a scale-out repo because directly to object store is not possible. With same scale-out repo as above the local stored elements will not be deleted.


Does anyone have any experience and/or suggestions?

Kind regards



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Hi Daniel,

unfortunately that is exactly how NAS backup works today. When directed to the SOBR the SOBR settings are ignored, because NAS has its own logic with the archive repository. You can see info in the HelpCenter on how this works (from Example 5).

Also this NAS archive repository does not yet support immutability. So to store your backups in AWS S3 with Immutability you’d might want to have a look in the Agent direction for NAS and do file system backups of mounted directories.

For the SOBR copy job, please understand that SOBR will always hold the latest backups on the “local” performance tier. Restore points can be copied directly to S3 when created but the move will only happen for inactive backup chains (see again HelpCenter) and dependent on your configuration.

Hope that helps. 

Kind regards,